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Buchaltung LHM Crailsheim

You can obtain only what you need thanks to our neatly structured service packages. We deliver on-site assistance at your company using proprietary software solutions or provide you with DATEV software. Alternatively, we can manage your bookkeeping here at our offices.

  • Establishment of a payroll and financial accounting system

  • Management of payroll accounting for your company

  • Support in the roll-out of DATEV’s online collaboration tool for employees and the digital personnel file

  • Ongoing management and monitoring of financial accounting, with complete fulfilment of all accountancy requirements

  • Current focus:
    Digitised bookkeeping Support in the introduction of a digital ledger (creation and processing of digital documents); paperless and fully digital management, analysis and archiving of your bookkeeping.

  • Establishment and fulfilment of dunning procedures

  • Establishment and support in the management of payment transactions

  • Establishment, control and operation of systems for short-term profit and loss accounting, as well as liquidity planning

  • Introduction and continuous monitoring of cost and performance accounting, with the option of full-service management of cost accounting

  • Advice on the establishment, organisation and ongoing development of the accounting system

  • Advice on the outsourcing of bookkeeping, i.e. returning the bookkeeping activities to your business

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