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"We create margins"


LHM was originally founded in 1998. The firm that is currently known as LHM was established in 2002 through the merger of two previous practices. 

As an auditing, accountancy and law firm, LHM believes its primary task is to act as a reliable partner to its clients in all tax and legal issues.​

​Where necessary, LHM cooperates with external specialists and is a member of the international endorsements association PrimeGlobal. Learn more.

History and Expertise


Today the firm is run by four partners and employs a staff of approximately 40. LHM is a training organisation and offers dual curriculum degree programmes as a partner to the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). We attach particular importance to the education and continued training of our employees.


In addition, our qualifications as a firm for international tax law and company succession allow us to deliver highly specialised consulting services.


The Faces of LHM

LHM would not exist without them: Besides the four partners, around 40 employees and trainees are the backbone of our firm. Their commitment, dedication and enthusiasm ensure that LHM will continue to grow steadily in future as well.


Competency Platform 

The firm has been located in the McKee Building on Haller Strasse since 2014. Spread over 1,150 square metres, the offices are designed for expansion, and not just in terms of space. Satisfied employees who feel deeply connected to LHM guarantee the highest standards of service delivery. 

LHM has long since become a synonym for comprehensive, overarching expertise in the areas of auditing, accountancy and legal counsel. The firm is now a coveted partner for its clients, especially due to its interdisciplinary blend of skill, specialisation and experience.


Development of the Firm, Networking and Digitisation

LHM has adopted a rigorously digital approach, offering its clients proven solutions to digitise bookkeeping and accountancy that usually build on professional software by DATEV.
Learn more about DATEV.


Facing up to current challenges and developing scenarios for the future – these are among the key contributors to the success of our firm. We believe in broadening our horizons to recognise opportunities for continued growth. Held under the working title ‘Practice Dialogue’, the regular meetings with other medium-sized firms that are organised and supported by DATEV help us to pool experience with other owners and directors of similar organisations.

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